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MECANIZADOS DE VEGA S.L. was founded in 1964 in Lleida, Spain. Ever since the company has been able to bring its machining operations up to date in order to provide the best quality and service.

In 1981 we relocated to Alcoletge (Lleida, Spain) to expand our production. We have not stopped growing since then.

Experience and continue renewal has taken us to be a leading company in the machining field throughout these years.


We have a welding area of 1,000m2 with three bridge cranes able to lift five to ten tons. Another area of 600m2 for * and airless system painting with one bridge crane able to lift up to five tons. Finally we have a machining area of 1,400 m2.

Our team has eighteen experienced professionals working in different sections of our factory.

Our technical team has a Production Chief Engineer, a Production Manager and three IT Assistants. This technical team makes sure that the main server is linked with the machinary and they all work in perfect syncronicity.

Mecanizados de Vega produces machinery for the siderurgical sector and makes all sorts of parts to fit last generation machines and tools.

Productivity is garanteed since each machine has a computer connected to a central server that manages its workload. This allows the main office to have better control of the production and maximize the performance. In addition to that, we use a leading computer system designed by our engenieers which helps our technicians to efficiently manage their work